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Preparing students for 2029

by | 27 February, 2019

Over the last century, the definition of jobs that kids aspire to has changed dramatically – from steam engine driver...

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Language Policy in Indian Schools: A Point of View

by Vishnu Karthik | 21 December, 2018

This blog illustrates a point of view on the recommended language policy for urban and semi-rural schools in India, with...

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Moving beyond Traditional Modes of Teaching

by Amy K. Marx | 17 December, 2018

Can school education be made more interactive than the traditional teaching mode? Is Indian education hampering curiosity and critical thinking...

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Why Project-Based Learning is the Best Pedagogy to Thrive in

by Vishnu Kartik | 22 October, 2018

Over the last 20 years, there has been increasing reform and activism against the current models of mainstream schooling around...

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