We believe that parents are the first teachers of their children. Their partnership in the learning process in school is therefore vital. Parental involvement is a key element in a child’s performance in school, as many studies have confirmed. It is our endeavour at HXLS to ensure that we partner with our students’ parents at every opportunity. To this end, at HXLS, they are our true partners, volunteers and resources in the learning process and in endeavours for social and cultural development. Parents regularly participate in crucial parent-teacher interactions which provide insights to the teachers. HXLS, via parent-led initiatives, ensures that there is complete engagement of parents in the school activities.

Various initiatives involving parent participation and interaction are:

Parent-Teacher Meetings

PTMs are an essential collaborative interaction between the parents and the respective section educators to facilitate a partnership between the two. By interacting with the parents, the teachers learn more about the child and are, therefore, able to respond to his/her learning needs. PTMs ensure that the teachers and parents work together to ensure that all needs of the child are catered to.

Parent Orientation

Parents attend orientation programmes at the beginning of each session to understand the processes and collectively take decisions on various protocols and systems.

Parent Workshops

Enlightening and training parents on various aspects of education is an integral part of the HXLS philosophy. This is done to bring the teacher, child and parents together on a common platform of understanding. We conduct workshops for the parents on different subjects ranging from Math, Makerspaces, Language, Philosophy and Methodology to Physical Education and Arts to attune them to the school curriculum.

Parent Volunteers

Parents play an active role in HXLS events and activities. They participate in storytelling sessions, help with event management during celebrations and events, participate in field visits and also lend a helping hand during remedial sessions.

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