Active Citizenship

The Heritage Centre for Active Citizenship (HCAC) has also been specifically established to reinforce the importance of shaping concerned and engaged citizens of the future and promote the core values of civic governance, community participation and representation. Our belief is to be the change rather than complain about the lack of change and fight the mind-sets of civic cynicism by empowering students, teachers, parents and all other stakeholders with the appropriate tools to act on civic governance issues.

HCAC is an effort to empower the present generation as well as to pass on the torch of active and responsible citizenship to each succeeding generation as a profound legacy whilst imparting the language of citizenship in the way we learn, discuss, debate, advocate and act on local, national and global issues. Along the way, it hopes to build capacities of students’ attitudes, skills, knowledge and frameworks of action and advocacy needed to be engaged by active and informed citizens. The aim is to create opportunities for students to exercise active citizenship in collaboration with government agencies in Gurugram thereby building this city as a model hub of active and responsible citizenship.

Some of the skills that the children learn by being a part of HCAC are:

  • Proactive leadership
  • Constructing a problem statement and envisioning a framework to work on it
  • Widening our world view
  • Media literacy
  • Collaboration and adaptability
  • Communication and enhancing social skills
  • Liaising with different government and civic action agencies