Human Framework ™

The purpose of the Human Framework ™ is to nurture joyful, healthy, resilient, and socially responsible individuals. An essential aspect of building a more peaceful world is through developing more mindful and socially-aware children who have the skills to question and craft their identities, embrace complexity, navigate conflict constructively, honour the emotional wellness in themselves and others, and interact with those who are different from themselves. It is not enough to simply teach children to react to social and emotional problems as they occur. Our Human Framework ™ proactively equips children with relevant knowledge and skills to prevent emotional and behavioural issues.

The Human Framework ™ focuses on cultivating four aspects of the self:

My Swabhav (My Essence)

An inquiry of my triggers, my reactions, my emotions, and my yearnings. Through this exploration, I gain the freedom to express myself thoughtfully and constructively. I build a healthy relationship with myself and am resilient when faced with challenges.

My Relationships

Creating healthy and fulfilling connections, and the capacity to use diverse opinions as strengths for problem-solving. Through this exploration, I am comfortable expressing myself and engaging in difficult conversations. I have empathy for others and can build meaningful relationships.

My Swadharm (My Purpose)

A discovery of my values, my strengths, and what gives my life meaning. Through this exploration, I am motivated, comfortable with exploration, and feel efficacy to work towards what is meaningful to me.

My Context

An exploration of how my context shapes who I am and the way I act. Through this I develop the freedom to express myself in a way that’s aligned with my purpose and my values. I contribute positively to create a better world.

These key components focus our initiatives to actualise our vision and construct standards, learning objectives, and rubrics for assessment so that we can rigorously track each child’s development.