KHOJ or Outward Bound

KHOJ is based on the principles and pedagogy of Outward Bound, a philosophy of education and learning initiated by educator Kurt Hahn who employed outdoor adventure as a method of inculcating leadership, perseverance, craftsmanship and survival skills, teamwork, compassion and responsibility for the common good.

KHOJ is aimed at: developing character in children through challenge, adventure and service; motivating them to achieve more than they ever thought possible and to show compassion for others; and helping them engage actively with the world around them.

The vision of the KHOJ is to enable the child to experience the power of experiential learning in the real context and, in the process, invoke self-discovery. In KHOJ, teachers and children experience a week-long exploration project around genuine curiosity and work on it in the real context. The project work is supplemented by reflective sessions, adventure, meeting local people, hands-on work, peer learning, etc. 

City-bound KHOJ is an opportunity to create a learning experience in the real and local context of the child. The focus is to create experiences and opportunities to bring about a change in the immediate neighbourhood thus making the expeditions real and truly experiential, connecting them to the immediate world.