Standards-based Assessments

Academic rigour is reinforced by standards-based assessment. We believe that assessment should be on-going and lead to improvements in student learning by providing necessary inputs to make informed decisions at class-curriculum levels. Assessments, therefore, must be developmentally appropriate and designed to allow students to succeed by showing what they have learned — never designed to force them into ‘proving’ that they have failed to learn. We create a range of assessments that draw on the learning strengths and preferences of our students and allow maximum flexibility.

Even though we do not begin formal examinations until Grade 8, we do identify important test-taking strategies and begin to introduce students to them as they progress through the Middle Programme, so that they are prepared for the demands of an exam system when they reach the Senior Programme. Additionally, the Senior Programme focuses on formative tools to emphasise the role of assessment for learning. The assessment for learning cycle includes sharing of learning targets, success criteria, and descriptive feedback. Various evidence-based learning strategies and study skills are shared with the students so that they can take ownership of their learning. Student progress is communicated through regular parent teacher conferences.