Inter-disciplinary, Project-based Learning

Expeditionary learning lies at the heart of our inter-disciplinary, project-based learning methodology. Each expedition (or project) begins by presenting students with a pertinent, real-life problem or issue. Students perform primary and secondary research on various aspects of the problem, gather and analyse information, interact with experts to learn more, collaborate and brainstorm to find possible solutions to the problem – all within the learning by doing framework. The solution is reviewed, evaluated against the goals of the expedition, and its efficacy tested. A project also brings experts into the classroom, takes students into the field, and engages students in real world learning experiences.

Expeditions by their very nature are inter-disciplinary and focus on developing the following skills in different inter-related areas:

Through the process of in-depth investigation, students imbibe habits of deep and critical thinking, inquiry, team-work, respect for others’ perspectives, and a desire to resolve real-life issues in the context of the community. Simultaneously, skills such as numeracy, literacy and subject knowledge are enhanced as each expedition is embedded in the school/grade curricula.