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Heritage College Placement Centre

The Heritage College Placement Centre has been set up to guide students through their college placement process. Choosing a field of study and a corresponding college is often a stressful part of a student’s academic journey and the lack of right guidance and information at the right time only exacerbates the problem. The College Placement Centre at Heritage provides a safe, non judgemental space for the student to come in with questions, doubts or general questions about the what, where and how of the College application process.

Our Philosophy

The Centre’s expertise lies in its understanding of the Heritage school philosophy, the experiential learning pedagogy and learning through various programmes from Grades K-12. We are appreciative of the fact that the Heritage school provides a stimulating environment that breeds curiosity, freedom and a desire to pursue passion to know where his/her sense of meaning and mastery come from. The school provides a psychologically safe and non-judgmental space where the child has freedom to take charge of his/her learning through self-evaluation, peer and teacher evaluations as well as through research, questioning and developing contextual understanding. This kind of learning builds capacity for self-expression, understanding diverse points of view, resilience to face challenges, empathy and working towards finding one’s purpose. The school aims to build an ethos based on core human values and exploring how the context shapes who we become and the way we act and also aims to instil in its students, a strong sense of community, belonging and social responsibility. This creates in our view, a student who has the intrinsic and discerning values that are unique to The Heritage School and demands a higher learning institution that will not only appreciate these values but will also nurture them. Hence, the need for the “Right Fit Colleges” for our students is a criteria of utmost importance for the College Placement team.

Student Counselling

The Centre works with students and their families by identifying the student’s interest areas, learning style, courses of interest, geographical inclinations, grades, professorship and financial ability to find the right fit universities. It aims to build student and parent knowledge through extensive group interactions, workshops and one on one sessions for Grade 11 and 12 students. The idea is not just to help our students secure admissions at elite institutions of higher learning but to thrive and succeed through their undergrad experience and beyond. We also invite our alumni students and families to connect with our current students and share their experiences to build a community of learners.

College Connect

The Heritage College Placement Centre also aims to establish connections and relationships with Colleges and Universities in India as well as overseas that will not only enrich the learning of our students but will provide them with a fertile ground for being valuable members of the college milieu and the community at large all the while maintaining high standards of academic and ethical rigor. Through extensive research on universities, geographies, programmes, courses, professors and the interest of our students, we invite highly rated, elite universities to see our campus, understand our school’s philosophy and speak to our parents and students and gives us an opportunity to understand the philosophy of our visiting institutions. The College Placement office also continuously keeps students apprised of college and university visits in the NCR area and encourages them to visit such gatherings and meets.


Psychological Counselling

The school’s counselling department provides students with a comprehensive programme designed to look after the emotional wellbeing of all our students. The department aspires to promote an environment that is educationally and psychologically engaging for our students.

Students are often referred for the following reasons:

  • Behavioural issues: where the student does not seem to respond satisfactorily to a teacher’s intervention.
  • Emotional issues: persistent anger outbursts, moodiness, anxiety and stress. Social issues: lack of social skills, alienation, inability to get along with others.
  • Academic skills: time management, organisational skills, study pressure, memory aids, study skills, lack of motivation
  • Family issues: which hinder the student’s social emotional wellbeing in school.
  • Substance abuse/experimentation.
Career Counselling

HXLS is committed to enabling each child reach his/her maximum potential and ultimately pursue a career that he or she has passion for. In its continued endeavour to enable children to make informed choices, the school organises several activities and events during the academic year.

The Career Advisory Cell works with senior students from Grades 8 to 12 to guide them at all levels including orientation on study skills, academic rigour and correct work ethics so that they can enrol into universities of their choice.

The school is a College Board test centre and conducts SAT and PSAT exams as well those for Grades 9-11.

A career choice programme is held for Grade 11 students during which a psychometric test is conducted and its outcomes along with career options discussed with parents and students.

College Fairs are organised thrice a year and more than 45 universities visit our campus for workshops and individual interaction.

Sessions were organised by Indian and foreign universities on our campus for students to gain clarity on their education system, courses and other opportunities and requirements.

Contact Us

We invite you to know more about us. If you would like to speak to Miguel Angel Vazquez, Head College Counselling please send a mail addressed to Neha Singh at: College.counselling@ggn.hxls.org. We hope to connect with you soon.

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