Guidance, Counselling and Placement

College Counselling at Heritage Xperiential Learning School is an integral part of our students’ senior program experience. Centered around the student’s distinct individuality, the Heritage College Placement team focuses on understanding each student’s unique interest areas, learning style, academic performance, courses of interest, geographical inclinations, grades, and financial considerations in order to help students to find an educational and career path that suits them best.

The main objective of college counselling at Heritage is to inspire students to develop a growth mindset and become productive members of their community. We strongly emphasize self-reflection focussed on exploration and skill development. Each successive year, through regular interactions, we ensure that our students become proficient and interested (even enthusiastic!) to contribute to something meaningful beyond themselves.

College Connect

Over the years the College Placement cell has established a strong relationship with universities and admission offices in India and abroad, providing students and parents with actionable knowledge and information through monthly newsletters, group interactions, classroom workshops and individual sessions. The aim is not only to secure admissions at elite institutions but also to ensure that students thrive during their undergraduate experience and beyond.

Here is an overview of the Heritage Xperiential college counselling process at each grade level:

Grade 9: Through interactive workshops and one-on-one interactions, students examine and explore the concept of career and the different types of college experiences. Students begin to identify their academic strengths, extracurricular interests, and areas leading to potential opportunities for the development of their true passions.

Grade 10: We advise students on their various options while encouraging them to continue reflection and exploration to be able to make more informed choices at the end of the academic year. As Grade 10 is a key year for student self-reflection and understanding of their own identities, students are encouraged to identify what career means to them, and to imagine the college experience they envision for themselves.

Grade 11: In grade 11, students work more closely with counsellors and actively engage with visiting universities and admission representatives as part of their college search. At Heritage students and counsellors collaborate to explore alternatives and determine the right undergraduate ‘fit’, while tailoring each student’s profile to align with their set of potential universities and destinations.

Grade 12: The most crucial stage of the college counselling process, during Grade 12 students identify and assemble the different components of their candidature to put forth a compelling application. The college counselling team then works with each student to create an application strategy with appropriate timelines. Ample resources, information, relevant workshops, and time with the counselling team, is offered to ease the stress of the application process. The ultimate goal is to support our students in finding the right college fit, navigate the application year smoothly, and prepare each student for a successful undergraduate experience.

Our Team

Neha Singh (Left)
Miguel Vazquez Gomez (Center)
Aparna Bhalla (Right)

College Counselling Team Picture

Aparna Bhalla
College Counsellor

Aparna studied History at Lady Sri Ram College, Delhi University before completing her MA in Career Development from Warwick University, UK. Deeply committed to supporting careers, Aparna has been counselling students since 2005 in a variety of contexts. Her previous roles included advising students for higher education in France as part of Campus France, the education division of the French Embassy in India and also heading the admissions counselling division at The Princeton Review in India.

Aparna is an accredited facilitator for Strong Interest Inventory- SII® (Myer-Briggs) and her forte lies in developing the student’s career narrative wherein, Aparna works closely with the counselee to craft their individual career story. Further, she has lived and studied in India, Switzerland and the UK, and traveled extensively across the world (US, Canada, EU, AUS, South East Asia). These travels included campus visits to top universities within these destinations. All these multi-dimensional and cross-cultural academic and counselling experiences make Aparna a highly receptive and versatile professional with a 360° outlook and the ability to connect with people from diverse backgrounds.

Miguel Vazquez Gomez
Head – College Counselling

Miguel is an expert in the college application and funding process, specializing in finding a true ‘fit’ for each individual student. He has extensive experience in advising creative and culturally diverse students for their successful matriculation to a college or university of their choice. He has placed over 100
students annually to some of the most prestigious and selective colleges and universities in the world.

Miguel has a B.A. in English Literature from the University of San Diego, USA, and a certification in Fundraising and Development from the University of Pennsylvania, USA. He comes with 15 years of experience as a College Placement Advisor and has been responsible for the placement of over 1500 students to some of the most prestigious colleges and universities in India, Canada, UK, USA, and multiple other countries. Miguel’s expertise with the admissions process and funding process has helped the Heritage Schools establish a competitive college placement program which has enabled our students to apply, receive scholarships, and matriculate at the best institutions in India and abroad.

Neha Singh
College Counsellor

Neha has done her Engineering in Computer Science. She has also done a Certification in College Advisory from Teacher’s College, Columbia University along with a Green Belt Certification in Career Counselling from GCC UCLA extension.

Neha has over six years of experience in the education industry in admissions and college counselling roles. A life-long learner, Neha constantly strives to provide relevant and accurate information to senior program students and parents. Besides counseling, Neha helps to strengthen the operations of the department while ensuring active outreach. Neha’s biggest strengths are organization, documentation, and coordination as she effortlessly coordinates college visits, university fairs and maintains the
department’s relationship with Indian and international institutions.

*Names appear in alphabetical order.


Career Counselling

HXLS is committed to enabling each child reach his/her maximum potential and ultimately pursue a career that he or she has passion for. In its continued endeavour to enable children to make informed choices, the school organises several activities and events during the academic year.

The Career Advisory Cell works with senior students from Grades 8 to 12 to guide them at all levels including orientation on study skills, academic rigour and correct work ethics so that they can enrol into universities of their choice.

The school is a College Board test centre and conducts SAT and PSAT exams as well those for Grades 9-11.

A career choice programme is held for Grade 11 students during which a psychometric test is conducted and its outcomes along with career options discussed with parents and students.

College Fairs are organised thrice a year and more than 45 universities visit our campus for workshops and individual interaction.

Sessions are organised by Indian and foreign universities on our campus for students to gain clarity on their education system, courses and other opportunities and requirements.

Contact Us

We invite you to know more about us. If you would like to speak to our counselors please send an e-mail to college.counselling@ggn.hxls.org. We hope to connect with you soon.

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