Senior (Grades 8-12)

Erudition and Beyond – A Space to Be, To Become

The focus during the Senior Programme continues to be on deeper learning, authentic assessments through live and integrated projects (or expeditions), multiple ways to express understanding, assessments and assignments that build 21st century skills of communication, creativity and collaboration, and building leadership skills within the given framework of the system. All this takes place in conjunction with a focus on building examination and writing skills.

The Senior Programme bears witness to the coming of age of young adults, with insecurities and issues related to the teenage years. Accordingly, the ambience at the Senior Programme is unfettered and constantly buzzing with the energy and creative drive of the learners.

Dialogic, participative pedagogy lies at the very core of the Senior Programme learning processes. The students are constantly encouraged and empowered to be self-directed and accept responsibility for learning. Correspondingly, the educator abandons traditional control and stands ready to co-create instructional and motivational support.
All this is amalgamated with a well-developed technology infrastructure that promotes active and 24X7 learning through e-groups, intranet, pod-casts, power-point presentations, interactive boards, auditoria, etc.

There is a conscious effort towards creating a wider awareness of the world and providing space for the development of aesthetic, moral, ethical and emotional dimensions. Towards this end, song, dance, theatre, mime, art, colour, taste and touch, all form an integral part of the learning process. During this phase, the young adults also experience a transformative process – physical, emotional and psychological. Understanding of self becomes critical. Liberal exchange of ideas, especially on subjects considered ‘taboo’ by other schools is encouraged under the guidance of teachers and experts. The practice of Silence Time which begins and ends the day is one tool that helps to focus on the self.

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