KHOJ UPDATES – 20.2.23 |5C & 5F

At 6:57 am, the students from classes 5C and 5F departed from school for their KHOJ journey. Upon arrival at the campsite, they received a briefing about the day’s schedule and enjoyed a delicious breakfast consisting of aloo paranthas, scrambled eggs, sandwiches, curd, bananas, aachar, and bournvita milk.

The day’s activities began with a small demonstration by the farmers on how to identify the ripened peas and harvest the pea crop. This led to gaining a new appreciation for the hard work of farmers. The students were filled with happiness and satisfaction as they collected the self-grown produce. They then engaged in a session with farmers and facilitators, with 5F participating in a Q&A with farmers and 5C learning about the seed-to-seed process, including examining fully grown crops and their seeds.

Lunch will be served around 12pm, after which the classes will switch sessions, with 5F participating in the seed-to-seed session and 5C having their questions answered by the farmers. At 2:30pm, bournvita milk and snacks will be provided to students before they depart the campsite at 3pm to arrive back at school between 4:15-4:30pm for a session with the farmers and CSNF team.

We look forward to seeing you in the evening at 4:15pm. The entry will be from the visitors gate.

KHOJ UPDATES- 16.02.23 | 5D & H

The journey of a seed that began with a tiny embryo to a mature plant is now laden with multiple seeds, ready to embark on a new journey. So are our students, filled with enthusiasm and excitement as they started their journey from school at 6.55 am for their last visit to the farm. They reached the farm at 8.00 am. On arrival, students headed straight for breakfast which included aloo parantha, curd, pickles, banana, veg-sandwich, scrambled eggs, and bournvita milk.

After breakfast, students assembled in a common area where they were briefed about the flow and activities parked for the day. Their day began with a session by the farmers and experts where they did a quick recap of their learning journey which had begun with preparing the soil and sowing. The farmers demonstrated how to differentiate between ripened and yet to ripe pea pods. Thereafter, students took to the fields to harvest the ripened peas that they have sown 3 months back. It was heartening to see the glow of achievement on their face while harvesting their yield.

Students took a short lemonade break to recharge themselves and continued harvesting after that.

Lunch will be served around 12.30 pm which will include Rajma, pea pulau, naan, masala gobhi, mix-veg raita, papad, salad, pickles, and gulab jamun. After a short break, 5D will head for an expert session on the crop cycle, the importance of quality seeds, and the journey of a plant from seed to seed while 5H will have an interactive session with the farmers where they will understand the challenges of farming and farmers. Students will also clarify their doubts and questions related to the farming processes.

Snacks will be served to the students around 2.30 pm and will include a slice of cake, biscuits, bread pakora, and bournvita milk. They will start from the farm at 3.00 pm and are expected to arrive at school by 4.15 pm. On arrival at school; they will head to the MP hall where they will engage in an interactive session with farmers and their parents. Students will be dispersed with their parents from the MP hall at 5.30 pm.

We are looking forward to seeing all the parents in the MP hall by 4.15 pm and joining us in the noble cause of supporting natural farming.