Each individual is part of a bigger plan, a small seed in the cosmos. When one comes into this world, it is to fulfill a higher cause, to cultivate and nurture human bonds and give back to society and humanity much more than what they have received.

To be able to do this one must have a vision, a mission. This is what Shri N. C. Jain had in mind when he started his initiatives for CSR, which has now grown to a much larger scale under the umbrella of Neeru & Naresh Jain Foundation.

This foundation has demonstrated the far-reaching impact and have become beacons of hope for many. It has been committed to further the cause of education, healthcare and sports in India. As part of this vision, the foundation has adopted 200 schools of Ekal in north east India and Rajasthan, and two Primary Government schools, one in Hauz Khas and the other in Rosewood City, Gurgaon. The foundation also runs an NGO for the children of migrants at Tigra Village, named Heritage Agrasar Tigra. As a part of the healthcare initiative, two hospitals are also supported under this foundation: the Acharya Tulsi Diabetic Diagnostic & Research Foundation and the Lala Aman Singh Jain Charitable Eye Research & Medical Centre. Under the sports wing, the Change Reaction initiative was launched with the aim to support the largest scholarship program for football in India where over a thousand aspiring athletes from underprivileged backgrounds have been supported in their training.

It is also actively involved in many diverse projects with the mission of creating positive change in our society.


I am a Teacher is a not-for-profit organisation, aimed at building an alternate and practice-based model for teacher education. This model has the potential to transform and reinvent teacher education in the country and thus reform school education. The organisation has recently launched an innovative, one-year programme – the Post Graduate Diploma in Learning and Teaching (PGDLT). This is a residency model and offers a unique synthesis of theory and practice, combining a year-long classroom engagement in select schools with a carefully aligned sequence of coursework. HXLS is the practicing school for this programme.

For more information, visit www.iamateacher.in

Barça Academy

A pioneer in the field of football training in India, Conscient Football is the country’s largest and most reputed grassroots football training and development initiative. A trailblazer, Conscient Football was the first to bring European football training standards to the country, through an exclusive partnership with the legendary club – FC Barcelona.

Barça Academy, the club’s official football school, has since grown to coach over 30,000 young sportspeople, through 25+ centres across four cities and many more across India with their new and innovative online football training program; making it the largest football-training institution in the country. The academy’s value-oriented training focuses on the holistic development of students and on enabling them to realise their potential through guided discovery.


The Special Child Trust launched the Autism Centre for Excellence (ACE) in 2014 to create a programme for children on the Autism Spectrum from ages ranging from three to 15 years. The programme is the first of its kind in India, completely data driven and based on the principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA).

ACE has been included as a specialised programme within HXLS campus. The robust ACE Teacher Training Programme is implemented in two parts: an initial two weeks of intensive training for all incoming teachers and staff that includes all-day training for that period, followed by on-going training on a daily basis for an hour each day throughout the working days of the year.


Disha India Education Foundation is an initiative striving to redefine education and learning thereby facilitating the re-invention of schools and the education system at large. The idea is to construct a theory of experiential learning, and design an integrated curriculum that uses real-life experiences from the child’s local context as a pedagogic medium for developing knowledge, skills and character.

Disha India’s work involves designing experiential curriculum and pedagogy, whole school design and development, educational leadership development, teachers’ capacity building and designing learning expeditions for children. Since the last eight years, Disha India has worked intensively with HXLS on the design and implementation of the experiential curriculum and pedagogy. Khoj, an outward-bound learning experience for students, is designed and organised by
Disha India. The vision of the programme is to enable the child to experience the power of experiential learning in the real context and
in the process, invoke the process of self-discovery.

You can visit Disha India at www.dishaindiaeducation.org


The I Am A Teacher Fellowship programme at South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) Primary School, Police Colony, Hauz Khas, is an attempt to recognise and deeply engage with the possibilities of change and improvement in the existing system. It is aimed at transforming classrooms and schools and developing them as more caring spaces where each child matters. The major objectives of the project are to increase enrolment, ensure regular attendance, upgrade the physical and social environment of the school and transform the primary classes into experiential classrooms for deeper learning with an integrated curriculum and empowered teachers.

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