Curriculum Development

In order to expand and deepen the skills and aptitudes required for a challenging world, curriculum development at Heritage Xperiential Learning School is centred on incorporating best practices from India and around the world into what we teach.


From the earliest years through the middle programme, we collaborate extensively with Jodo Gyan, an NGO that has gained national recognition for its pioneering work in math education. The Jodo Gyan math concepts are grounded in reality, using narratives that invite children to apply those concepts to daily life. Resources also include objects that children can manipulate to understand shapes and measurements —and from the beginning they are encouraged to find multiple strategies for solving a problem. Parents are brought into the picture through extensive workshops on how and why we teach math this way—and the results are as tangible as the methods.


Beginning in the early years, our curriculum development focuses heavily on literacy skills through a balanced literacy programme that includes phonics and whole language, oral reading, silent reading, vocabulary development (active and passive) and other decoding strategies that help students to master their own progress in reading. We have a clearly articulated language arts curriculum, based on the US Common Core Standards for Language Arts, which recognises that learning to read critically and write reflectively is at the core of the entire curriculum and forms the basis for critical thinking skills across all content areas.