Khoj update |5B & 5E | 23.02.24

The last and much-awaited visit to Sancholi farms began with the advent of our curious learners of Grade 5B and 5E to the assigned assembly point at 6:30 am on 23rd February 2024. As they reached the farm, they were welcomed by their instructors who gave a quick recap of the last visit for both the sections post a nutritious breakfast time. Thereafter, two groups were formed for two activities, namely harvesting and estimation of farming surplus. As 5E headed for a detailed survey of mustard seeds, 5B was assigned the task of harvesting their crops.  

The survey was conducted to make the learners aware of the concept of ‘Surplus in Farming’ and various techniques to manage it well. One such technique is ‘Crop yield estimation’. It is a process that can quantify crop yield by averaging. Our young learners were introduced to this technique through a detailed worksheet. They enjoyed using a simple calculative approach to understand the same. The next step in the process included an intricate study on how to preserve crops for times of need. This comprised a constructive discussion on the seed cycle which helped the students get an insight into the complete journey of a seed from sowing, flowering, and fruition to being harvested and distributed and being replaced by a new seed for the same process. Learners were awestruck to realise the complexity of the entire cycle. This was followed by a short break.

Subsequently, the groups were swapped after which 5E went for crop harvesting wherein they reaped the crops of beetroot, peas and radish. A delectable lunch is scheduled for 1:00 pm after which these learners will have a Q and A session with the farmers. They’ll be informed about the challenges that the farmers face more often. They’ll also get acquainted with various opportunities that the agricultural field holds in the future.

Afterward, the students will be served snacks and will have the closure of the session through self-reflection. It is during this time that our learners will revisit their entire journey of Khoj and will be able to connect deeper with the joys and hardships of the farmers’ lives by asking questions and deliberating upon them. They’ll board the buses at around 4:00 PM for their way back to the school and are expected to reach school by 5:00 PM.