Khoj updates | 5G | 20.02.24

The eagerly anticipated visit to Sancholi farms commenced as the Grade 5G students gathered at 6:40 am. Upon arrival at the farm at 8:00 am, they received a warm welcome from their experts and farmers, who led them on a brief walk to observe the crop status after enjoying a wholesome breakfast. Reflecting on their previous visits, they shared their key learnings with the expert. Subsequently, they engaged in a thorough examination of mustard seeds to understand the concept of ‘Surplus in Farming’ and various techniques for its management, including ‘Crop yield estimation’. Through a detailed worksheet, the young learners were introduced to this technique and enjoyed employing a simple calculative approach to comprehend it before taking a short break.

The following phase involved an extensive study on crop preservation for future needs, including the seed cycle, which left the young learners amazed as they witnessed and understood the journey of a seed from sowing to harvesting and how seed distribution initiates a new crop cycle. Following this, they proceeded to participate in crop harvesting, reaping beetroot, spinach, peas, and radish crops.

A delightful lunch is scheduled for 1:00 pm, after which the learners will engage in a session with farmers to learn about their lives and address their queries. The session will conclude with a reflection and circle time. After a snack break, students will board the bus by 4:00 pm and are expected to return to the school by 4:50 pm.