Khoj update grade 7H & 7F


The final day of Khoj is rife with excitement for students. The children woke up to a bright clear day after rain at night and were served milk and cookies. After this, the outdoor instructors made the students of both the sections play some fun filled team games and do exercises. This was followed by morning circle time during which they reflected upon the previous day’s activities and summed up the experience of rappelling and rock climbing. They shared their learnings and strengths which helped them to overcome their fears to be able to perform these activities.

After this, they were treated to a delicious breakfast. Post breakfast, they started giving form to their theatre performances once again, under the guidance of the theatre experts. Through the day, they will continue to finalise their presentations.

Between 1:00 pm and 2.00 pm, they will have lunch and after that, they will perform the prepared theatre skit in front of the other crews. The students will also have an appreciation and closure circle to close the day’s activities. As a part of the circle time, they will also share their achievements during the 4 days of Khoj.

At 4:00 pm, milk and snacks will be served after which the students will start boarding the buses for the journey back home. We are sure that students are looking forward to sharing their experiences with you, parents, when they meet you in the evening  at school today.

The students are expected to reach school by 5:30 PM.